Third-party modules and patches

AWS configuration module

Maintainer: TJ Saunders

The mod_aws module can be used to diagnose/configure your AWS EC2 instance for running ProFTPD.

FTP/FTPS Proxy module

Maintainer: TJ Saunders

The mod_proxy module supports forward and reverse proxying of FTP/FTPS connections.

Virus filtering for uploaded files

Maintainer: Joseph Benden

mod_clamav enables the FTP server to scan newly uploaded files for viruses, before allowing the file upload to complete. This has proven itself very handy for my admin situations, and I thought that I'd share, in case someone else can benefit from it too.

Buffer cache inefficiencies in Linux 2.4

Maintainer: TJ Saunders

The buffer cache algorithm in the Linux 2.4 kernel has some issues with mixing reads and writes to the disk. mod_fsync was written to work around these inefficiencies.

LDAP-based configuration module

Maintainer: TJ Saunders

Support for storing proftpd.conf configuration data in LDAP directories.

Alternative TLS module

Maintainer: Nikos Mavroyanopoulos

mod_gnutls is an alternative to the distributed TLS module, which uses GnuTLS instead, and supports several alternative authentication methods by taking advantage of the TLS-SRP and TLS with OpenPGP keys features of GnuTLS.

Send messages to connected clients

Maintainer: TJ Saunders

Adds ability to send messages to connected FTP clients.

Counter-based read/write file locks

Maintainer: TJ Saunders

Support for configuring counter-based read and/or write locks for files being uploaded or download.

Case-insensitive path checking

Maintainer: TJ Saunders

Support for performing case-insensitive file checks.

SQL-based configuration module

Maintainer: TJ Saunders

Support for storing proftpd.conf configuration data in SQL tables.

GSSAPI module

Maintainer: Markus Moeller

mod_gss provides support for the GSSAPI security mechanism, as described in RFC2228.

TDS SQL backend module

Maintainer: Patrick Muldoon

mod_sql_tds provides SQL backend support for servers which speak TDS, i.e. MS SQL Server and Sybase. This module should be considered beta (maybe even alpha).

CDB authentication module

Maintainer: TJ Saunders

Support for Dan J. Bernstein's CDB format for group and passwd file lookups. CDB lookups are generally faster than other similar database formats.

mod_time (2.1rc2)

Maintainer: TJ Saunders

A ProFTPD module that limits FTP commands based on time of day and/or day of the week.

mod_ratio (3.3)

Maintainer: James Dogopoulos

File/Byte ratio module.

mod_dbauth (1.7)

Maintainer: Eric Estabrooks

BerkeleyDB authentication module for ProFTPD.


Maintainer: Eric Estabrooks

GDBM authentication module for ProFTPD.

mod_opie (1.1)

Maintainer: Eric Estabrooks

A implementation of one-time passwords for ProFTPD.